viernes, 21 de junio de 2013

experimento visual / cultural /psicológico

" Nous n'avons pas d'autre choix que la résistance. C'est haïr ou disparaitre "

You really think you can outwit Dr. Satan?
There are monsters who act like people, and people who act like monsters.
An enemy approaching.
It´s been weird lately. I feel like i´m, not here even though i am.
You cannot find peace by avoiding life.
A world so hateful. Some would rather die, than be who they are.
I want to sleep on your chest tonight
Psycho Killer, qu´est-ce que c´est?

Question 2      Process 1
Where are your feelings?
Locate them.
Do not analyse, locate.
Are they in your heart, your stomach your lungs?
Do not analyse…. locate.

Dead dead dead
Dead dead dead

That the only constant in life, is change.

We were like strangers,
who knew each other very well.

I mean. I just think people are so interesting.

Everyone is connected.

I just love to fondle the jewels of your fantasies.

Every human being is an abyss.

What we need is a new drug…

Ubique in spiciendum.

It will always happen over and over.

Good night.

The water oponed itself up to me
in a new dimension.


Good bye. Hello.

I don´t want memories.

I´d tell her all about me.

What a strange day.

To help me through reality.

Yes. All mankind
feels my presence eventually.

And even people with
completely different faces.

Come and see what we have to offer.

Money´s just paper,
but it affects people like poetry.

We live inside a dream.

My dream is to create the feel of
travelling to another galaxy.

He only eats popcorn.

We are eternal,
all this pain is an illusion.

And everything he sees
is blurred and indistinct.

My brain is very important.

We are not alone.

The body exists only to verify
one´s own existence.

I want to satisfy you.

2 comentarios:

  1. Existencialismo, materialismo, lugares comunes, curiosidad, rutina, asentimiento, desacuerdo, interrogantes, sonrisas... todo esto y algo más podría definir lo que me han sugerido tus palabras. Como lo que me sugiere la vida a lo largo del tiempo pero comprimido en unos segundos de lectura.
    Simplemente, magistral, as always :)

  2. mil gracias Maida, temía que no pasara, pero te agradezco tu ojo y me alegro por nuestros lugares comunes, lamentablemente el periódico lo ha maquetado fatal, y si la gente ya decía no entenderme, tras este texto que es un experimento (estoy haciendo más) casi performático, aún menos con el desastre que me han vuelto a liar, en fin, la mayor parte del tiempo no me siento muy apreciado/entendido, por suerte hay gente como tú, mil gracias de nuevo, H